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Discover the Edison Award winner WeWALK Smart Cane that developed for visually impaired.


WeWALK is a first-of-its-kind smart cane and mobile platform developed to improve the mobility of the visually impaired, allowing them full and equal participation in everyday life. WeWALK’s ergonomic attachment fits on top of any white cane and has an inbuilt ultrasonic sensor for upper-body obstacle detection via haptic feedback, as well as a touchpad, microphone and speaker. The cane pairs with a dedicated mobile application to allow for seamless navigation via Google Maps, Amazon Alexa voice commands, and hands-free control of the user’s mobile device, straight from the cane.

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Mobility, Travel, Communication

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Maslak Mah. Ahi Evran Cad. 42
Maslak Kolektif
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