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braille House welcome all specialist in the speical needs centers and schools for acress the UAE and GCC to Visit Our Stand and the latest product in Sensory and OT and the latest inclusive class

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Braille House has been founded to provide all needs of educational bodies including training, special furniture for lower educational stages, as well as organising workshops for training the educational entity on how to use learning games. Braille House focuses on developing the functional capabilities of teachers by informing them about the latest developments seen in the field of education and learning. To keep pace with this aim, we make permanent and annual visits for the largest global fairs and exhibitions specialised in learning and educational games.

Products and Services

Aids for Children, Associations, Institutions, Organisations

Gallery of products and services

Aquatic Bubble Tube 1

Aquatic Bubble Tube

Bubbles of air propel multi-coloured balls to the top of the tube. Captivating, colourful and relaxing.
Aquatic Bubble Tube 2

Snoezelen® Multifinity Explorer™ Sensory Room Pane

The panel is packed with sound effects and music which makes for a truly exciting multi-sensory experience. With a huge range of effects to
Aquatic Bubble Tube 3

2-Port Light Source by ROMPA

With all the key features of our standard light source, but with 2 ports so 2 fibre optic products (e.g. Fibre Optic Harnesses, Milky Way Ca
Aquatic Bubble Tube 4

ROMPA Interactive Lighting System

Music through movement! A whole new meaning to air-guitar and pretend drums! Interact with beams of coloured light by passing a hand, foot
Aquatic Bubble Tube 5

Laser Sky Projector

The stars are a single colour (typically green) and they move gently (not a rotating image like our larger projectors, but slowly in differe
Aquatic Bubble Tube 6

Haley’s Joy® Frame and Mat

Haley’s Joy® Portable, practical and perfect for the Occupational Therapist on the go. Ideal for use in schools and domestic settings where
Aquatic Bubble Tube 7

Tactile box wood

image image image Tactile box wood Description Name and recognise the items in the Tactile Box by putting your hands into the box… What d
Aquatic Bubble Tube 8


Find 2 cards that match, for example a vase and flowers. Interpret images and incease vocabulary. Contents: 32 plastic image cards manual wo
Aquatic Bubble Tube 9

Giant Magnetic Butterfly Life Cycle

Magnets featuring realistic illustrations model up to 9 stages in the butterfly life cycle •Label-free for versatility •Largest piece measur
Aquatic Bubble Tube 10

Primary Science Jumbo Magnifiers

Observe on a grand scale with our extra-large magnifiers, sized perfectly for small hands. Supports life science explorations as children ob
Aquatic Bubble Tube 11

Tricycle Blue Active

Aquatic Bubble Tube 12

Police Dynamic

Aquatic Bubble Tube 13


This Dressing Frame is one of a series of 12 Dressing Frames. Through activities with this Dressing Frame, the child develops coordination,
Aquatic Bubble Tube 14

Set Of Knobless Cylinders

The Knobless Cylinders are the final stage in the dimensional material where the child, based upon his ability to discriminate, places the i
Aquatic Bubble Tube 15

The Geometric Solids

The 10 Geometric Solids introduce the child to solid geometry. 3 clear stands for the curved-sided solids are included
Aquatic Bubble Tube 16

The Pink Tower

This series of cubes develops visual discrimination of size in 3 dimensions. Exploration with this material prepares the child for mathemati
Aquatic Bubble Tube 17

Bead Material: Individual Beads Nylon

This extensive set of Bead Material is used for teaching the exercises of linear and skip-counting the quantities of the squares and cubes o
Aquatic Bubble Tube 18

Clock with removable numbers

A freestanding Clock With Movable Hands and removable clock numbers 1-12 in red and 13-24 in blue used for teaching children to tell time. I
Aquatic Bubble Tube 19

100 pcs Colourful Block Set (3cm)

Classic Blocks made of high quality wood. well painted with bright colors and printed by hand Packed in a card bucket for easy delivery and
Aquatic Bubble Tube 20


Explore with fingers or toes to match the textures of the large discs to their corresponding smaller versions hidden in the bag. Alternative
Aquatic Bubble Tube 21

Tactile Street

Arrange the plates in straight or jagged lines on the floor or wall-mount for exploration for hands.
Aquatic Bubble Tube 22

Tactile Kit – Deluxe

Typically includes: Kit Bag Ruff’s House Sensaring Tact-O Squiggle Ball Buggie Massage Tube Tactile Multi-Purpose Cushion Tactile Scrub Brus
Aquatic Bubble Tube 23

Build N Balance Advanced Set

Includes 6 smaller tops, 2 larger tops, 3 planks, 3 log planks, 2 bridge piers, 1 slack line, 1 rocking plank, 1 bars & joints and 1 tilting
Aquatic Bubble Tube 24

Scooter Board Paddle

Scooter Board Paddle Encourages movement and can help users manoeuvre their scooter board.
Aquatic Bubble Tube 25

Sensory Pod

Our Safe Calming space offers students a Tranquil calming space to relax , Calm Down & gather their thoughts.
Aquatic Bubble Tube 26


Enables self-assisted, active and resistant exercises for the wrist area supplemented with self-assisted rotational movements of the forearm


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