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DASS Solutions

Why visit our stand
With our proven expertise in accessibility & safety solutions we discuss our people-first strategies that equip organizations with universally accessible facilities, inclusive to employees & customers
Brands we represent
Assistive Listening Technologies, Wayfinding Systems, Tactile Maps, Tactile Ground Surface Indicators, Evacuation Chairs.
DASS Solutions is a team of passionate experts dedicated to providing innovative and progressive accessibility and safety solutions to overcome barriers in the built and digital environments. Our insights into regional and internationally accepted accessibility codes such as the Dubai Universal Design Code, the UK’s Part M, the WCAG criteria and the ADA guidelines, will help ensure that your organization’s premises, websites, apps, processes & services are accessible to persons with disabilities and help identify business opportunities that result from adopting universal accessibility.
Products and Services
Mobility, Communication Education, coaching and training, Workplace, Leisure, Sports & Recreation, Associations, Institutions, Organisations, Barrier Free Living
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Emirates Towers – Leve 41
United Arab Emirates
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