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Exhibitor NameCountryStand
247 Medical Equipment United Arab Emirates8450
Ability Center for Special Needs United Arab Emirates8312
ABS Associates India India8171
Abu Dhabi Education Council United Arab Emirates7347
Al Amal School and Kindergarten for Deaf United Arab Emirates8230
Al Amal Voluntary Electronic Newspaper Kuwait8356
Al Atraf International Co. Kuwait8161
Al Ghurair Printing and Publishing LLC United Arab Emirates8260
Al Hayat Early Intervention Centre UAE7451
Al Noor Training Centre for Persons with Disabilities United Arab Emirates7352
Al Tadawi Medical Centre United Arab Emirates8367
Al Tareq Rehabilitation & Autismus Center LLC United Arab Emirates8560
Al Thiqah Club for Handicapped United Arab Emirates7340
Al Thiqah Club for Ladies United Arab Emirates7340
Al Thiqah Club for Projects United Arab Emirates7340
Al Wafa School for Developmental Training United Arab Emirates8230
Alliance Insurance P.S.C. United Arab Emirates7454
Al-Majd Education Company Kuwait8000
American Center for Psychiatry and Neurology United Arab Emirates7348
American Centre for Special Needs United Arab Emirates7348
Arabian Millennium Medical Trading United Arab Emirates8365
Aras Medical Devices and Equipments Co. LLC United Arab Emirates8171
ARASCA Medical Equipment Trading LLC United Arab Emirates8011
Autism in Dubai & Modern Alternative Education United Arab Emirates7551
Autism Trust Foundation United Arab Emirates7445
Bedaya Support Centre Bahrain7561
Beena Trading LLC United Arab Emirates8171
Beit Chabab Hospital Lebanon8334
Bevat Health Care & Technologies India8171
Biofoot Medical Surgical Eqiupment Trading LLC United Arab Emirates7007
Blind Association Charity Saudi Arabia8258
Braillo Norway A/S Norway7133
Burjeel Hospital and Prince Medical Center United Arab Emirates8331
Cedas ME FZE United Arab Emirates8530
Charitable Society of Autism Families Saudi Arabia8012
Chatter Box UAE Speech & Hearing Network United Arab Emirates7562
Cibes Lift United Arab Emirates8002
Community Development Authority United Arab Emirates8110
Cruiser Scooter Trading United Arab Emirates8540
Danat Al Reqah Medical Instrument United Arab Emirates8456
Department of Economic Development United Arab Emirates7160
Digi Robotics Technologies United Arab Emirates8345
Diwan Star Est. for People with Special Needs Saudi Arabia8452
dnata United Arab Emirates8210
Dr. Shyam Ayurveda Centre United Arab Emirates8368
Dubai Autism Center United Arab Emirates8410
Dubai Center for Special Needs United Arab Emirates8310
Dubai Customs United Arab Emirates8150
Dubai Electricity & Water Authority United Arab Emirates7140
Dubai Health Authority United Arab Emirates8140
Dubai London Clinic & Specialty Hospital United Arab Emirates8335
Dubai Municipality United Arab Emirates7150
Early Intervention Center United Arab Emirates8230
East Gate Global FZE United Arab Emirates7009
Elaj Clinic Kuwait8355
Elbee Czech Republic7245
Emergency Response System India7449
Emirates Audiology Center United Arab Emirates7347
Emirates College for Advance Education United Arab Emirates7347
Enaaya - Bridgeway Medical United Arab Emirates7004
Estanara Group Pakistan7341
Etian Voluntary Team Saudi Arabia8261
Etron Pte. Ltd. Singapore8338
Extrema srl Societa Unipersonale Italy8530
Family First Medical Center United Arab Emirates7240
First Step Center for Special Needs United Arab Emirates8010
First Step Team Kuwait8256
Free Rider United Arab Emirates7009
Fursan Medical Equipment UAE7145
Future Center for Special Needs United Arab Emirates7345
Gadah Al-Madina for Autism Saudi Arabia8455
General Directorate of Residency & Foreigners Affairs United Arab Emirates8130
German Limbtech United Arab Emirates8340
Glassouse China/ Turkey7130
GMCKS Pranic Energy Healing United Arab Emirates7560
Hafs Elementary School Saudi Arabia8009
Happy Vision Srl. Italy8451
HEWI Heinrich Wilke GmbH Germany8003
Hope Volunteer Group Neveh Saudi Arabia7132
Hounslow Mobility United Kingdom8450
I Am Me United Arab Emirates8424
Include ME United Arab Emirates8413
JCI Medical Solutions United Arab Emirates7030
Jordanian Club for the Deaf Jordan8521
Josef Hurt Czech Republic7246
Kalimati Communication & Rehab Center United Arab Emirates8520
Kids First Medical Center United Arab Emirates7240
KinTrans United Arab Emirates8440
Kury spol. s.r.o. Czech Republic8450
Lifeline Healthcare United Arab Emirates8330
Luggie Scooter United Arab Emirates7009
Mafraq Hotel United Arab Emirates8359
MANZIL United Arab Emirates8313
Mawaheb United Arab Emirates7552
Mediclinic Orthotic Prosthetic Services United Arab Emirates7008
MENA Mobility Solutions Motors LLC United Arab Emirates8220 & 7003
Ministry of Communication & Information Technology Egypt7146
Nattiq Technologies United Arab Emirates7148
New Technology DWC LLC United Arab Emirates7440
NMC Healthcare United Arab Emirates8336
NMC Trading United Arab Emirates8422
Oman Paralympic Commitee Oman7450
Orthopadie Technik Berlin MPC LLC United Arab Emirates8232
Otto Bock HealthCare GmbH Germany8340
Priory Group United Kingdom8001
Qottuf Aljazeera Company Saudi Arabia8233
Quality Life Technologies Co., Ltd China8320
Quick Learning United Arab Emirates8010
Rashid Centre for the Disabled United Arab Emirates7350
Renuvadisc United States7030
Resalt Amal Center Saudi Arabia8454
Riding for the Disabled Dubai United Arab Emirates8421
Roads & Transport Authority United Arab Emirates8120
Romford Mobility United Kingdom8450
Safe Mobility United Arab Emirates7006
Saudi Schizophrenia Charity Association Saudi Arabia8013
SEDRA United Arab Emirates8322
Senses Residential and Day Care for Special Needs United Arab Emirates7452
Sharjah Autism Center United Arab Emirates8230
Sharjah City Audiology Centre United Arab Emirates8230
Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services United Arab Emirates8230
Sharjah Museums Department United Arab Emirates7260
Siesta Systems S.L. Spain8450
Starkey Hearing United Arab Emirates7440
Stars for Special Abilities United Arab Emirates8412
Stepping Stones United Arab Emirates7360
Swiss Discovery Switzerland8005
Taleem Training & Skills Development Center United Arab Emirates7347
Tender Hearts Arena Recreational Services for Kids with Disability United Arab Emirates7553
The Physical and Occupational Therapy Department United Arab Emirates8230
Tomatis Developpement SA Luxembourg8007
Troncone Engineering Italy8441
Tyromotion Austria8366
UAE MS Support Group United Arab Emirates8337
University of Sharjah - Disability Resource Center United Arab Emirates8423
Van Os Medical B.V. The Netherlands8450
Vasan Eye Care LLC United Arab Emirates8369
Vocational Rehabilitation and Training Department United Arab Emirates8230
World Association of Mouth and Foot Paint Artists United Kingdom8420
Wusul Access Vehicles (BVD Middle East LLC) United Arab Emirates7250
Zulekha Hospital United Arab Emirates8332

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Exhibitors 2017

  • Nafeh Al Amal Volunteer Group
    Stand No. 7446
  • Dubai Municipality
    Stand No. 7150
  • Dubai Customs
    Stand No. 7160
  • NMC Trading LLC
    Stand No. 8220
  • New Technology & Star Key Hearing
    Stand No. 8173
  • Boost International Inc.
    Stand No. 8442
  • Safe Mobility
    Stand No. 7006
  • Beijing Baodahua Technology Co., Ltd
    Stand No. 7009
  • The Doris Duan-Young Autism Center
    Stand No. 7004
  • Health Star Medical Equipment
    Stand No. 8003
  • Rashid Centre for the Disabled
    Stand No. 7452
  • Naran Inc.
    Stand No. 8250
  • Al Salam Edu. Club Center
    Stand No. 8444
  • Roads and Transport Authority
    Stand No. 8120
  • 247 Medical Equipment LLC
    Stand No. 7241
  • Group Fakher Al Watan Volunteer Team
    Stand No. 7440
  • Al Husein Society - Jordan Center for Training & Inclusion
    Stand No. 7344
  • GMCKS Pranic Energy Healing Center
    Stand No. 7355
  • China Rehabilitation and Homecare Show 2018
    Stand No. 8455
  • Ministry of Community Development
    Stand No. 7121
  • Dot Inc.
    Stand No. 8250
  • King Saud University - Higher Education Program for the Deaf
    Stand No. 7345
  • Kunyoong IBC Co.,Ltd.
    Stand No. 8250
  • Awladouna Center for People with Disabilities
    Stand No. 8172
  • Autism Support Network
    Stand No. 7000
  • SELVAS Healthcare, Inc.
    Stand No. 8250
  • Taleem Training & Skills Development Center
    Stand No. 7447
  • American Center for Special Abilities
    Stand No. 8332
  • Kuwait Society for the follow-up of Disabled Persons
    Stand No. 8430
  • Resalt Amal Center
    Stand No. 8440
  • ASASCO for Training and Development
    Stand No. 7351
  • UAE Down Syndrome Association
    Stand No. 7341
  • Al Noor Training Centre for Persons with Disabilities
    Stand No. 7357
  • Dynamic Medical Equipment Center LLC
    Stand No. 7008
  • National Information Society Agency (NIA)
    Stand No. 8250
  • Neo Access Ltd.
    Stand No. 8250
  • Inclusion Services LLC
    Stand No. 8260
  • Quick Learning
    Stand No. 8450
  • Al Thiqah Club for Handicapped
    Stand No. 8333
  • Charitable Society of Autism Families
    Stand No. 7444
  • Guidosimplex Srl
    Stand No. 8320
  • Medical Gate Scientific & Practical Equipment
    Stand No. 8310
  • Integreat Center for Special Needs
    Stand No. 8008
  • UAE Deaf Association
    Stand No. 8432
  • MIH Systems
    Stand No. 8007
  • Maharat Learning Centre
    Stand No. 8006
  • Smcom Inc.
    Stand No. 8250
  • Al Tareq Rehabilitation & Autismus Center
    Stand No. 7457
  • Gulf Disability Society
    Stand No. 7454
  • King Salman Center for Disability Research
    Stand No. 7441
  • Sabah Al Ahmed Center for Giftedness and Creativity
    Stand No. 8000
  • First Step Team
    Stand No. 8530
  • Cerebral Palsy Foundation
    Stand No. 7356
  • Arabian Home Healthcare Center
    Stand No. 8441
  • CEDAS Middle East
    Stand No. 7002
  • Arabian Millennium Medical Trading
    Stand No. 8240
  • Dubai Police
    Stand No. 8160
  • Emirates Autism Society
    Stand No. 7260
  • Purple Vogue Events
    Stand No. 8431
  • UAE MS Support Group
    Stand No. 7001
  • Emirates Speech Language Pathology Society
    Stand No. 8532
  • WSP Middle East Ltd.
    Stand No. 8001
  • Zayed Higher Organization for Humanitarian Care (ZHO)
    Stand No. 8261
  • Arabian Ethicals CO
    Stand No. 7007
  • General Directorate of Residency & Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA)
    Stand No. 8140
  • Saudi Autistic Society
    Stand No. 7115
  • Ali Saif Group of Companies
    Stand No. 8331
  • API CZ s.r.o.
    Stand No. 8330
  • ARASCA Medical Equipment Trading LLC
    Stand No. 8170
  • Sharjah Museums Authority
    Stand No. 8340
  • Roma Medical Ltd
    Stand No. 8420
  • Dubai Autism Center
    Stand No. Event Partner
  • Dubai Center for Special Needs
    Stand No. 7352
  • Enable LLC
    Stand No. 7350
  • Jordanian Club for the Deaf
    Stand No. 7455
  • Manzil
    Stand No. 7354
  • Mawaheb from Beautiful People
    Stand No. 7347
  • Modern Alternative Education
    Stand No. 8434
  • Biofoot Medical Surgical Equipment Trading LLC
    Stand No. 8002
  • Fursan Medical Equipments
    Stand No. 7240
  • Oman Paralympic Committee
    Stand No. 7340
  • Saudi Schizophrenia Charity Association
    Stand No. 7443
  • Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services
    Stand No. 7360
  • Stars for Special Abilities and Early Intervention
    Stand No. 7342
  • The Team of Will and Challenge
    Stand No. 7343
  • Wings of Angelz
    Stand No. 7346
  • Riding For The Disabled Dubai
    Stand No. 8009
  • Dubai Health Authority
    Stand No. 8150
    Stand No. 7242
  • Altix Sp. z.o.o
    Stand No. 7110
  • Sonar Glasses (G Technology Group)
    Stand No. 7553
  • Al - Amal Electronic Volunteer Newspaper
    Stand No. 7451
  • Pure Child Health
    Stand No. 8533
  • Association of Families of Persons with Disabilities
    Stand No. 7112
  • Etisalat
    Stand No. TBC
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